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January 3, 2019 Fence Design

Trellis Fence Privacy And Security Exterior

A wooden trellis fence offers privacy and security and improves the appearance of the landscape. Instead of installing a fence made of solid wood planks. Consider a lattice fence made of lattice panels 8 feet wide, with square or diagonal patterns. First, the network to improve its natural color, or paint it white or green to give the garden rustic charm. Obtain construction permits that are required in your jurisdiction prior to the construction and installation of the 4 to 6-foot tall lattice fence. Mark the ground where you want to install the fence using chalk powder. Push a flag along the chalk mark at 8-foot intervals to mark the points for fence posts. Remove a corner flag and keep it in reserve. Dig a hole in the ground measuring one-third of the length of the desired wooden post. Tamping the base of the hole to firm the ground.

Best Trellis Fence Panels Ideas Types

Continue to eliminate flags and dig holes along the fence line. Mix concrete and water in a plastic bucket to a manageable consistency. Pack a few inches of concrete on the base of the pole pit. Support a vertical post in the hole, directly above the concrete. Assign a helper to fill the position while checking your level to make sure it is plumb, or correct it before the concrete hardens. Pour additional concrete into the hole until it is a few inches from the top. He will occupy the position for 15 minutes before the installation of the remaining posts along the garden trellis ideas line. Let the concrete cure. Inspect the concrete after 48 hours to make sure it is dry. It will soil on the concrete in each hole up to the height of the floor line.

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Tamping the earth to eliminate trapped air. Measure the distance between the inside edges of two adjacent posts, and cut two boards 2 by 4 inches to the exact extent using a saw. Measure 8 to 12 inches from the top of a corner post and mark the point on the wood. Also, mark the place in the adjacent post. Measure 4 inches up from the ground and mark the points on the two posts. Spread a length of wood 2 by 4 inches over the top two poles and the hammer in place with two to three 16d nails. Also, secure the other of the identical length of 2 by 4 inches of wood over the two lowest marks on the posts. Assign an assistant to hold the wooden trellis panel and against the 2 by 4-inch frame between the two posts.

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