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December 30, 2018 Fence

To Build a Dog Eared Fence Gate

Dog eared fence – one of the most common ways to add flair and privacy to a farm and property. Out of the many available styles of fence boards, however, ear-fence designs remain a popular and often economical choice. Dog-ear boards can be used in multiple styles of fences, from privacy to shorter, chopped style fields. The posts have been dug, the supports have been attached and all the pins have been placed on your fence. Now is the time to add a gate. These steps will guide you through the process of building the gate and placing the last hand on your fence.

6×8 Wood Fence Panels

How to build a dog eared fence? Starting with measure the space for the gate and how wide the gate must be. Build a 2×4 frame that fits the width of the door with screws and screw bits on a drill. Third, drill two small holes, one in the upper corner near the hinges and one in the lower corner near the handle of the door frame. Fourth, attach an “S” hook in the corner of the frame near where you want the hinges to be. Fifth, attach the cable to the lower corner of the frame on the side where you want the latch. Pull the cable through the “S” hook and pull the cable tight. Turn off the cable and cut it off. Then adjust the rotary screw so that the pressure is not too hard. Measure the dog pins to find out how many people should fill the space where the gate needs to go and how long each picket needs to be.

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Place a picket on the frame and drill a small hole to help the screw into the frame. Attach the chin to the frame with screws. Repeat step 5 until the door frame is complete. Attach a door handle and a set of hinges to what will be outside the door. Last, attach the other end of the hinges to a post using six-pin bolts. To tighten the bolts, you need a socket wrench. You may also need to drill holes to steer the hex bolts in the post. Tips: when you install the wire cable, you want it to be diagonal from one corner to another to support the frame and keep it from lowering. For the bottom of the dog ear fence gate design you may want to cut four to six inches. So the fence swings freely and does not scrape the pavement if it ever bends.

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