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December 29, 2018 Fence

The Biggest Mistakes People Make Building a Board Fence

People build board fence every day and most are built correctly but most can also be built a little better. By applying the few known tips below you can build a fence that will last longer and look better. You start the fence by making a hole with a distance of every 8 feet for posts that are treated 4x4x8. These holes must be dug 2 feet deep with a pin whole digger. Most people stop there with cylindrical holes because digging this hole is the heaviest part of the fence.

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To ensure the post is properly installed, the fence must use a post whole digger at an angle around the entire diameter of this hole to make a spherical anchor at the bottom of the cylinder. Digging holes excavated in this way are much safer and more stable. Another mistake people make is not being aware of the fact that wood never sticks to concrete. Drive with any concrete work and you will see them using wooden shapes to frame concrete held by nails and wooden poles. The next day the concrete workers pulled out nails and the wooden shapes just fell from the concrete. Another problem is fleas and water on the ground can worsen wooden posts.

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To prevent this problem, the fence builder must put a black roof tar on two legs under the fence post that enters the ground. This will prevent the post from rot and allow the concrete to stick to the post. After the posts are leveled and arranged, you should let them dry for a full day before nailing them. If you start nailing them before the concrete is completely set, you will drop posts out of the level. Many people build fences with only two rails to nail their fences. To build a safety fence that will last for years, three rails must be used. The top rail must be placed on a fence post in a horizontal position. The fence bar should not be installed more than 8 “above this top rail.

If so, they will tend to spin and change with age. The lower rails should not be more than 8 “above the bottom of the railing for the same reason. The middle rail must be placed evenly between the upper and lower rails. Although the top rails are placed horizontally, the middle and lower rails must be placed vertically. Will prevent this rail from curving and make a fence that is far more visible and stronger ask the roofer about water drainage and he will tell you that water always flows in one direction – and it goes down.


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