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Steps for Wooden Fence Repairs in Great Look

Wooden Fence Repairs – Having a fenced-in patio provides added security, protection and privacy for you and your family. A fenced yard can also provide a enclosing space for a family pet. So you do not have to keep an eye on it. However, if you have a wooden fence, you may eventually have to do some maintenance. Or some repairs and maintenance to keep it in top shape.

Wood Fence Repair Near Me

List the specific repairs required, using a pencil and paper. If you have several repairs, such as holes; shaky fence posts; mold or growth of putrefaction, broken or bent boards. Scratching doors or deformed boards due to bad weather, consider drawing a simple map of your fence on a sheet of paper as a visual reference so that each repair item is on your fence. In this way, do not forget something that could become a much bigger repair job along the way. Return to place all the holes in the fence with new boards. You will also have to replace any card that will warp from exposure to the weather, as well. Remove old boards completely, copy the screws with an electric drill and insert new plates into place.

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Repack the soil around each fence post with a tamping rod. This will ensure that the fence post is firmly placed on the ground and can firmly support the rails. Use a mold removal solution mixed with water to debug mold. The saturation of the rotten areas with a preservative of the wood will also help to prevent any rot from spreading. Tighten and re-screw any loose boards or planks with an electric drill. Inserting new screws from larger screws have a tendency to break in half. Back out the older screws as much as possible. Use a level to re-center crooked tables.

Stain the fence, using a brush. Apply the dye starting at one end of the piece of wood, the top or the bottom, and then brush the stain all the way to the other end without having to go back to your bucket for more stain. Stain will not only help the wood withstand the weather and precipitation, but also the discoloration of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Look for one that has a high resistance to UV rays so that your fence is protected for at least the next two or three years.

Steel nail T-6 keys under a cross beam that are wobbly or loose. Even if the crossbars are no longer tightly tied to the fence post, they join T-braces can help save the beam without having to remove any of the pieces. Re-apply stain every 24 to 36 months, depending on the weather conditions of your location and the type of stain you have applied. Try to stay with the same stain each year.

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