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December 30, 2018 Fence

Smart Ideas for Fence Repair

Fence repair – A goat fence is usually made of steel poles and wooden poles or square wire mesh with horizontal wooden boards. The bottom of the wooden fence is also backed with a square wire mesh. The square wire mesh is specifically designed to keep goats and predators from crawling underneath or through the fence. The repair of this type of fences requires the replacement of broken sections of fencing materials with new materials. Broken fences allow them to remain in poor condition can cause injury or death to goats.

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Look for all the tears in the square wire mesh along the entire length of the fence. Place new precut sections of square wire mesh over each tear. And attach the new sections to the bottom fence with pieces of pre-cut metal wire wrapped. Packing wire can be found at home improvement stores in the building materials section. Wires through the corners of each new piece of wire mesh until they are flush with the fence and the tears have been repaired.

Repair Broken Wood Fencing

Loosen all the broken horizontal wooden fence boards from the posts of the wooden fence with a hammer. Slide the head of the nail close to holding the broken pieces of board for the charge in between the claws of the hammer. Remove the nail by pushing down or pulling up on the hammer handle. Collect and dispose of all broken pieces of table. This is done to avoid causing future damage to the goats. Place a new gasket in the place where the old gasket was with nails and in place to secure it to the fence posts. Use fencing nails 2 1/2 times longer than the depth of the fence rail. For example, if the depth of the lane is 2 inches. Then the nail is used to connect the board to the cargo should be a minimum of 5 inches long.

Loose Repair Wiring with Metal Messages

Keep loose wire fence so that it is flush with the post and in its proper place. Slide a wire clip over the back of the post so that the V-shape of the clip cradles the post. Attach the hook end to the left over the top of the wire fence and lay the end placed to the right over the fence wire. Grip the loop on the clamp side with the clamps and bend around the wire until the fence wire is firmly attached to the post. Repeat this process whenever necessary.

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