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Privacy Fence Fabric Outdoor Ideas

Privacy fence fabric outdoor is a tool fence material designed for durability and safety. The heavy wire fencing, though robust, is common and has minimal landscape appeal in your garden — and, frankly, can be directly ugly. Use this sturdy fence as an asset, but work the fence in your landscape design. Use vertical gardening or vertical plants with the fence as background. Turn your fence into a flower wall, fruit port or creative cloth.

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Use vertical gardening to make your privacy fence fabric outdoor or green wall. Grow plants upwards instead of horizontally across the ground. Entwining plants take advantage of the fence for trellis support and visually blend with the fence. Plant vines or twine plants along the chain-link fence. Encourage the young vines upwards by twisting branches through the fence or anchoring branches with plant bands. Use immaculate roses, honeysuckle and other flowering perennials as integrity walls. For a few years these plants have weaved and covered the fence. Choose vegetables or flowering annuals for quick coverage and seasonal color. Plant pole beans, sugar peas, zucchini or other vines are planted. Tie them along the fence and enjoy a harvest within easy reach. Plant sugar peas, scarlet runner beans or other scented annuities.

Vertical planting

Plant high ornamental grass, column shape tree or narrow bushes in front of the fence. These perennials act as windshields. Many plants such as giant gladiolas and lilies require bets. Although they are not woven through the support fence, plant them near the fence and insert them to the wire as needed with garden bands. The fence becomes a garden background with low flowers to the front, medium and long at the back. Espalier fruits such as kiwi, grapes or apples at the fence. Fruit benefits from fence strength and air circulation. The fruit plants are easy to maintain and fruit is within easy reach for easy harvesting of elderly or mobility restricted gardeners.

Fencing Canvas

Make the fence a canvas. Cover it with burlap or other outdoor fabric. Anchor fabric with cable ties or yarn to the fence. Turn holes through the fabric and thread small birdhouses, metal sculpture or decorative bricks. The fence becomes an outdoor art wall. Graffiti your fence canvas. Use a narrow brush and write garden moths, draw flowers or sketches on the work surface. Use permanent markers to take advantage of leather clips or cloth pieces, and then attach these as fence accents. Give children or grandchildren a corner to write their names and draw dragonflies or garden plants. Plan a main wall painting and paint mural on the fence wall. Sketch it with charcoal before applying color.

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