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Natural Green Fence Plants

Green fence – The wall enclosures of the gardens guarantee privacy and security. But at the same time constitute a visual barrier, not only from the outside, but also from inside the garden and the house. Especially in the case of small gardens, or courtyards that are located between a house and the other and which are sometimes surrounded by walls, or for a terrace. Plants can be a beautiful decoration and restore fluidity to the view by eliminating the sense of blockage. And also oppression that could arouse the sight of a wall. In the case of a not very large garden, it is necessary to orientate towards smaller plants. Because it is obviously unthinkable to plant large trees.

Best Evergreen Trees For Privacy

The plants will thus enrich the facades and the views of the house. Which will gain much more interesting surfaces thanks to landscape devices that give vitality to the space, making it relaxing and welcoming. To choose the ideal plants for green fence plants, first of all you will have to have cleared the function that will go to perform. If, for example, you have to shelter from strong winds or you want nothing and nobody to peek into your property? So you will choose plants for tall, thick hedges, which can even reach heights of 15-20 meters. Or you want to define the boundaries of a certain space? Such as an entrance driveway, a parking lot or a play area? Then you can opt for lower and wider garden hedges. If, for example, you have a gate or wall that you want to cover?

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Then the ideal best plants for fence line are to choose plants for climbing garden hedges and growing vertically. While if you care that your hedge also has a defensive function, you can opt for plants for garden hedges with thorns. Or characterized by tormenting leaves (equipped, that is, with hairs) able to capture fine particles. Have you chosen the type of plant you want to plant? So, before proceeding make sure that the minimum distances from the boundaries defined by the Civil Code can be respected. Planting: for shrubs and climbing plants the distance must be at least 50 cm. While for the trees defined as “non-tall trees” it must be 1.5 m and for the tall trunk of m 3. “Non-tall stems” means trees whose trunk begins to branch no more than 3 meters in height. So, the end.

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