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Installing Wire Hog Fence

Hog fence – Fence panels Hog excellent pens for pigs and other types of livestock. A pig panel is 16 meters long and 34 inches tall. Made of galvanized steel, which can cope with the rotating power of the pigs. Because they are flexible, you can use them to make a fence in any size and shape you want. Pork panels are easy to install and are tough enough to last for many years. Just starting with use four bets to mark a 48-foot 32-foot rectangle where you want the pen to be. Starting at a corner and walking down the fence line, drive a bet every two and a half meters. This will be the location of the posts. Second, using the post control, drive a steel stick with one foot on the ground to each of the ground. Make sure the clamp hooks to the back of the pen.

4×4 Hog Wire Panels

Third, install the pig fermentation panels one at a time from the corner. The distance between the wires is different in the upper part and the lower part. The closest distance should always go to the bottom of your fence. With this in mind, put a panel against the inside of the pen behind the steel posts. Fourth, start with the post in the middle of the panel. Use the fencing bars to attach three panel hooks to attach the panel to the post. Use a clip on the top and bottom and one in the middle. Panel clamps fit under the clamp hooks of the steel post and then turn around the panel. Attach the hog panel fence ends to the other two posts.

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Repeat this process with the following eight panels leaving the ninth and final panel without warranty. This will be your door. Take the fence wire and reinforce the first three baskets by twisting two six-inch pieces of wire around the panels and posts. Insert a piece of cord between the top and center cut and one in the middle and the bottom clip. Fifth, take the last panel of the hog fence panels and place it in place. Use the fencing clips to attach the distal end of the panel to allow the corner to be attached. Secure the last bend with two six-inch pieces of fence wire, one at the top and one at the bottom. This will allow you to remove the cable and pull the panel open as a door.

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