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December 30, 2018 Fence

Ideas to Install Electric Poultry Fence

Electric poultry fence – Chickens love the range of greens and insects for free, but a close-up of the poultry must be installed to keep them out of neighboring properties and protect them from predatory animals. The fence should be high enough to dissuade them from flying over it. The wire mesh is designed to confine poultry in specific areas. The cable itself is unable to stand up and what fence posts are needed to support it. Poultry fences can be as wide and as long as necessary. Use the shovel to dig the hole, but try to keep the diameter of the hole below 10 inches. Place dirt from the hole in a pile about 1-1/2 feet from the hole. Lift the posts from the fence and place down on these corner holes.

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Place the level on top of each pole in turn. And straighten them until the bubble is centered on the level. Then, fill the hole around the post with the dirt that has been previously removed from the hole. After each shovelful of dirt they are poured into the hole. Then, turn the tip shovel and use the handle in an up and down motion to pack the dirt down around the pole. Repeat this until the soil around the post is at ground level. The more it is packed, the firmer the post will be. Tie a rope around one of the corner posts. Chain it around all the other posts at the corners to act as a guide. This guide is used to place fence posts that will have to go in between the corner posts.

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Measure every 6 feet away from the corner posts and mark with an X on the ground with the shovel to mark the place where you will need to dig for the posts of the holes. Excavate all the holes in the posts. Drop a message in each hole and pack the earth around them until the messages are in line with the corner posts. Use the guide string as a reference to perform this task. Unroll the wire mesh and wrap its free end around the first corner post. To do this, in a direction to the right. Wrap it until the roll of wire mesh moves along the outside of the fence post and the outside of the best electric poultry fence. Hammer in a T-nails every 12 inches to secure the cable to the pole. Unroll the chicken wire to the next post on the fence.

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