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December 29, 2018 Fence

How to Stop a Continuous Fence

Continuous Fence – I was in the middle of a fishing lake last Sunday and I got a panic call from a woman with a system of unseen dog fence brands. He told me the system was beeping and he could not stop it. He further explained that he could not make people call the dealer except someone who said they could schedule a service call and they would come and fix it. When he spoke further he revealed that he had pulled it out and still rang and it drove him crazy. He did not use this system because his dog had died more than 2 years ago. The woman told me that she had summoned several invisible Dog Dealers. He found it online and no one wanted to help him stop the beep.

2w Continuous Fence

As a formally educated businessman, I consider the attitude of these invisible dog fence sellers too general and truly despicable. They seem blind to providing services to their customers unless they can make money again. Now considering the invisible dog fence system The brands are the most expensive on the market that you would expect for these extra prices that they will bend backward to help their clients. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often and quite often just the opposite. The more costs, the fewer “Value Added” services you receive. If that doesn’t make the industry like a black eye I won’t care.

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Return to the subject. The unit beeps after being revoke. Well for beeping it takes power. If it is revoked there must be additional resources such as a battery backup. I asked him to describe what cable he saw connected to the unit that beeps. He explained that there were two twisted together, it was a loop cable, there was a black cable attached to the transformer which he had pulled out, there was a green ground wire, and there were also black and red wires together that went to another larger square on the wall beside the transmitter.

This is a battery backup that he must decide. Most of the invisible dog fence dealers like to sell battery backup because they make extra income even though it’s not very practical in most applications. I instructed him that he needed to pull out the combination of black and red cables just by holding them close to the unit and pulling. A small plastic plug came off and a beep stopped.

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