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December 30, 2018 Fence

How to High Electric Deer Fence

Electric deer fence have worked hard to prepare the ground, plant the seeds and grow your garden and now you have to protect it from ravages and other soil pests. Protect the garden from decimating your plants that can happen when deer’s get free access. Build a simple and cheap fence to create a long-lasting and effective barrier to deers.

Angled Deer Fence


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Install Fence

Dig a trench around the perimeter of the garden that is one foot.  Use a sledge hammer to knock 6 ft. Lengths of wooden fence posts 1 ft. deep into the bottom of the ditch. Especially and place it tightly against the inner wall of the ditch.  Attach wide strip of chicken net, to each fence post. Begin at the top of the pole and continue to attach it to the base of the services where they enter the ground. Add the excess chicken net, about 8 inches wide, out of the garden to the outer wall ditch. Fill the ditch with excavated dirt and pound down properly.

Install Gate

Locate the location where you want a gate installed and measure 30 inches away, on the left side, from the nearest fence post. The first 12 inches will be the softened ground of the ditch. Pound the fence post the last inches with a sledgehammer. Cut the thread evenly with cutters along the newly installed insert and then along the ground to the right and back to the entry located 3 ft. Away. Continue cutting the thread up on the side of the next fence post. You will end with a section of thread that is 3 feet.  Long that matches the hole you cut in the fence.  Line up the boards evenly and use a carpenter’s square to make certain each board is placed at right angles to the other boards.

Hammer three 3-inch long galvanized nails in a triangle pattern in each corner of the square to secure the boards. Staple the cut section of chicken net, with a powerful stapler, across the square in 2 of 4-inch boards to completely enclose the square. Nail a large hinge 6 inches down from the top of the fence insert to the right of the cut-out portion of the fence and other hinges 6 inches up from the base. Use nails to attach each hinge to one side. Make sure the bottom plate of the gate is no more than 5-inch above the ground and that the side of the gate that is opened is also no more than 5-inch from the fence insert on the left side. Attach a large hook and eye latch to fence post and gate frame so that it closes properly.

Tips and warnings

Inspect the fence daily to ensure the deer has not found a way to dig under it. Do not leave any opening larger than 3/4 inch around the perimeter of the rabbit door to push through.

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