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How to Build the Wooden Fence Gates

Wooden Fence Gates – Either to close a path by the side or behind your house, complete the gap between fenced areas or section right next to a small garden or part of the yard, a simple wooden fence door can be all that needs to. A gate of the fence makes entering and leaving the simple fenced area while adding privacy by blocking views. A basic wood fence door is easy to make in less than a day and requires minimal construction and construction skill.

Wood Gate Designs Plans

Measure the width of the space between the fence posts where the fence door stops. Cut three tables of 2 by 4 inches to this size of fewer than 4 inches to act as horizontal plates. Measure the height of the fence posts. Place the two vertical plates on a flat surface running parallel to each other and resting on their width of 2 inches. Space of the boards as separate as their horizontal plates are long. Place the three horizontal joints between the vertical boards. Adjust the horizontal plates so that they run along the top, one at the bottom, and the third spaced across the center.

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Adjust the joints so that the corners are flush and the position of the upper and lower horizontal joints in its width of 2 inches, while the center of the board rests on its width of 4 inches. Insert two screws through the vertical joints and at each end of the horizontal plates to fix the frame. Measure across both diagonals to ensure the frame is square configured. Adjust the frame as necessary until the two diagonals measure the same length. Cut the remaining 2 by 4 to this length. Mark both ends across 4 inches wide at a 45-degree angle using a protractor and cut into the line.

Place the plate in its width of 4 inches on the horizontal centerboard and nest in the corners of the frame. Screw through the center of the reinforcement board in the horizontal joint and through the upper and lower boards to secure the clamp. Divide the width of the square by 4 or 6, depending on the size of the board we are going to use for the stockade and cut that number of stakes to the length of the fence posts in Step 1 minus 2 inches. Lay the Palisades over the plot that runs vertically.

Adjust the stakes to overlap the frame at the top and bottom by 4 inches and run flush along the sides of the frame. Insert three screws through each palisade to connect them to the top plate, corset board, and bottom board. Space your door hinges evenly along the side where you want to hang them so that they will connect with the three horizontal joints. Use the screws to fix. Attach the hinges to the desired entrance fence at the appropriate level for the stockade run 2 inches above the ground. Set the door lock to a comfortable height for you on the other side of the fence door.

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