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December 30, 2018 Fence

Five Benefits of a Gabion Fence

The gabion fence is one of the most loved and commonly used fence options in America today. This symbolizes the American heritage as far as settlers and farmers have to fence their barns, houses. And farms using wood and they come with many extraordinary benefits. The five main reasons to have gabion fence are:

Building a Gabion Fence

Environmentally Friendly

One of the many benefits of wood fencing is that it is very environmentally friendly compared to vinyl and aluminum. Wood is definitely a synergistic natural ingredient. Trees used to make gabion fence can be planted on a large scale and old fence panels. Can be disposed of without the risk of damaging the environment.

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Easy To Install

Unlike other types of fencing such as vinyl and wrought iron, wooden fences are very easy to install. If the pole is higher than the others, it can be easily cut to the required length even after a concrete footing has been set. Vinyl and metal posts are made, meaning the height is not easily adjusted. It is also easy to attach fence panels to gabion fence poles, which is an advantage over vinyl and metal poles which are made for firm tolerance that must be adhered to during the installation process. In addition, wooden poles can maneuver easily if the distance between the two closest poles is very large.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden fences play a major role in adding the aesthetic value that is needed for the home. The aesthetics of wooden poles can be achieved through various methods including coloring, carving, and painting. Paint and waterproof stains can be purchased from a local hardware or paint shops and homeowners have the choice to choose their favorite color or color. In addition, wooden poles can be repainted periodically to change the appearance of the fence and prevent it from appearing dilapidated or worn.


Compared to many fence options, gabion fence is not expensive. Materials for making wood fences are much cheaper than other fence materials such as metal. When it comes time to repair or replace a wooden pole or board, homeowners can easily work on individual pieces instead of having to take all parts of the fence to get the job done. Interestingly, a lot of repairs and replacements of wooden fences can be done by homeowners using cheap materials found in local home improvement stores or things that are available in the shade of tools such as nails, hammers, and pliers. The cost of making repairs or replacements is low and the time needed to do it is usually very short.


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