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Chicken Fence Ideas Designs

Chicken fence ideas – A fence for a chicken coop is probably important in almost every case. Danger points not only the surrounding traffic. But also the neighboring property as well as game and pets there. With a fence we protect the environment and the chicken itself. In residential areas that are close to the field, foxes are not uncommon. And a pure stable housing should under no circumstances come into question for a happy chicken. Chickens need fresh air, sunlight and an outlet for pawing and pecking. The most important consideration will probably be the height of the fence.

Best Fence For Chickens

The wooden is the best fence for chickens. Certainly it’s more beautiful. The disadvantage here is that the wooden fence is not very mobile. Implementing the piles will prove extremely difficult. An additional problem is the wooden end of the pile, which begins to rot without treatment in the soil. If you want to do without a chemical treatment, you can char the bottom part of the pile. Hold the wooden pole over a small fire and turn it until it is blackened, charred, about half way up. Fewer than the wooden fence for chickens. But more practical and safe, is the mobile poultry fence. In addition, there is the option to energize the fence to minimize tearing of chickens by martens, foxes, dogs and cats.

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Even chickens can get an electric shock from inside if they try to fly over the fence or slip through it. Meanwhile, the electric chicken run fence design, however, not only serves to prevent the chickens from escaping. But primarily as a deterrent to predators such as foxes, maders and hawks. However, the fences available on the market are not ideal for keeping the chickens. They are rather designed for goose keeping and therefore have a larger mesh size. The small chicken offspring can thus escape quickly and the height prepares so many chicken farmers headache. Electric fences that produce an electric shock when touched are usually used as pasture fences. But also cat and dog owners are often afraid of these measures.

These fences are very controversial among animal rights activists and there are always debates against this type of animal husbandry. For grazing animals and also chickens it looks a little different. Because chickens are among the hard-to-keep animals and it is like times to an electric fence resorted. Due to their anatomy they are less vulnerable to the flow of electricity. The plumage and beak serve as insulators, so they cannot take much damage. For this reason, electrifiable poultry nets are also suitable as a chicken fence. These are usually sold as roll goods and can set up quickly and easily. The electric chicken fence measures usually only 1 m to 1.20 m, so that the chickens can easily fly over the fence. Since this type of livestock husbandry is controversial and the electric chicken fence offers no particular advantages beyond that.

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