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Charming and Safety Childrens Fence

Childrens fence – The single-family homes and the duplexes have a lot of charm, they allow you to play with the distribution of spaces in a different way to that of a single-floor apartment and they separate areas naturally using the height, but the stairs also have their disadvantages . One of these drawbacks is the danger they pose to the youngest of the house in its first years of life. When children begin to crawl or walk and decide to explore the territory around them, they usually find the rungs very attractive and for safety you have to keep them away from them. For this we can do something as simple as a barrier and door with a pallet, you know that pallets are good for everything.

Baby Fence

The idea is to choose a pallet of the right size to close the ladder or cut one so that the dimensions are correct. Once we have it we can sand and varnish. Or paint and leave it ready to serve as a barrier. When placing it on the wall we will put the hinges on one side. And on the other the lock that will allow the door to open and close according to the needs of each moment, although it will be normal for most of the day to remain closed. It is something we can do for ourselves, which requires the minimum investment of buying the hinges and closing if we do not have them and that frees us from the great problem associated with the risk that children have for free access to a ladder.

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When choosing a barrier or another, you must make sure that no gap remains. Therefore, before buying it, you must take the exact measurements of the place where you want to place it. On the other hand, notice that there is no small piece that can be detached, nor any edge that can cut . As for the height, we recommend that you have at least 65 centimeters. Regarding the material, if you see it necessary, you can cover it with some foam, to prevent your children from hurting themselves with them.

Once you have it chosen and installed, it will be convenient to make sure it continues as the first day. That is, if it is set correctly. And if the opening mechanism is still as consistent and difficult to open as the first day. Finally, as a tip, do not ever jump. Since if your child sees it, he could try to imitate you, and we never know what the youngest of the house are capable of!

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