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December 29, 2018 Fence Design

Cattle Fence Outdoor Farm Safety Ideas

Cattle fence comes in a variety of styles, and the choice you make may depend on the type of livestock the owner is. Cattle and horses are kept enclosed with barbed wire, while sheep and pigs usually need a woven wire fence to keep them in their pens. In the case of pigs, a row of barbed wire under the woven wire can prevent it from rooting its way out of the pen. Once you understand how to make a straight row of fencing, you can easily complete the entire pen. Mark the row of the fence. Tie a piece of string around a bonfire. Put the stake on the ground where you intend one of the corners to be. Tie the other end of the rope around a game is place in the next corner or final post. Now you have a straight line for your cattle fence.

Awesome Farm Cattle Fence Construction

Dig the holes for the two corner posts. These messages are larger than the rest of the cattle fence designs because they support the tension of the barbed wire or woven wire. These messages are larger at the bottom, so the hole must adapt to their size. The hole should be below the freezing line as well, so the messages don & rsquo part of the earth during the spring thaw. Use a drill hole poles attached to a tractor or hand intermediaries to dig the hole. Adjust the corner posts. Add cement to put them in place if desired, or simply tamp solid ground around the posts. Use a tape measure to mark 4 to 6 feet along the line of the corner post fence for the first place to attach the clamp bracket. Dig the hole and fix the post.

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Repeat this process for the other clamp bracket. Cut small notches halfway both the corner and the clamp messages. Set a metal apparatus in the notch to form a “ldquo & rdquo between the two vertical poles.  Adjust the remaining posts using the chain as your guide. The space between the 9 to 12 feet away. Unless your terrain is hilly, you can probably use steel T-shaped messages that you drive by hand. If the wooden poles cattle panels are plentiful, they can be used, but they need to have holes dug. You can also use a mixture of steel and wooden poles. Wrap the lower barbed wire around a corner post, or connect the woven wire to the corner post with needles. Run the cable to the pole in the opposite corner.

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