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December 31, 2018 Fence Design

Best Ideas Horizontal Fence Designs

Horizontal fence designs serve a variety of purposes. But their main purpose is to enclose an area. Horizontal fence sizes can range from a few feet in height from 6 to 10 feet in height for privacy reasons. They also add visual interest and garden decoration. A typical fence is built with vertical panels, but many styles of fences incorporate horizontally oriented materials. Horizontal fence styles include post and rail fences, wooden slat fences and board and wire mesh fences. An easy, attractive and economical fence for a do-it-yourself project is a simple fence and rail post.

Awesome Horizontal Fence Designs

DIY horizontal fence, contact utility companies about digging fence post holes. They will check for cables and metro lines and mark them so they do not dig into them and damage or cut utility or power lines. Contact your local construction and zoning board to find out if the type of fence you want to install is allowed and if you need a permit to build it. Measure the area that you will attach to the fence and mark the fence posts 6 feet and a half apart.

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Dig holes fence post; they line up with 1/2 inch of sand and 2 inches of gravel. And place the posts in the holes and fill around the posts with cement. Allow the cement to dry for at least 24 hours. Support the fence posts to keep them straight and level while the cement is drying. Screw two boards to the fence posts at the top edge of the posts and 2 feet from the bottom of the posts. Place all the boards on the same side of the fence posts, either on the faces inside or outside the posts. Your way of working along the total length of the fence, set the slats to posts in this same way.

Place a door between the last two posts of the fence. Place two joints on the ground, horizontally and parallel to each other 2 feet apart. Screw two strips of 4 feet of wood vertically to the left and right sides of two boards. And two more at equal intervals inside the two outside. Attach two hinges to the side of the door and an entrance fence. Tips and warnings for build best horizontal fence. Buy pre-cut lumber from a lumberyard or home improvement center to save time and avoid lending or rental tools. Leave Cedar to overcome naturally and the attractive gray fence, or paint it white. Staple galvanized wire mesh to the posts to keep the animals inside or outside the bounded area.

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