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December 29, 2018 Fence

All Vinyl Bufftech Fence Are Not Created Equal

How bufftech fence? The basic ingredient is BUFFTECH rigid (polyvinyl chloride) modify to provide exceptional impact strength and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. This vinyl formulation is similar to vinyl wall coatings, which have a history of providing long-term durability and structural integrity. Bufftech can modify the impact. However, Bufftech has adjusted its vinyl formulation to meet or exceed the requirements need for excellent performance in the field. Flexibility is the norm and benefit of vinyl fencing, allowing the fence to maintain its strength and shape. Most Bufftech vinyl products feature steel reinforced bottom rails for stronger and stiffer fences – reducing the possibility of slack or bending.

Bufftech Baron Fence

Like most plastics, vinyl becomes less flexible in cold weather conditions. However, unless the vinyl fence is affect by unusual, it will not be damage. It is normal for the material to expand and contract during temperature changes. Buffech vinyl products have been engineere to accommodate normal temperature changes and changes in climate conditions. In fact, the timeless beauty and durability of Bufftech fence installations can be found in various climates from Alaska to Hawaii.

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The Color Doesn’t Fade

Bufftech fence is the only manufacturer that offers ColorLast fade protection. This exclusive feature on Clay’s color fence provides superior color retention and longer-lasting colors.

Will Not Turn Yellow

Bufftech products contain 10 parts of titanium dioxide (TIO2), which reduces the possibility of ultraviolet degradation – which causes yellowing of vinyl fences.

No Need for Paint, the Vinyl Fence Is Beautiful

There should be no reason to paint your vinyl fence; they come in a variety of different beautiful colors and textures. No need to bother with painting and doing continuous touch-ups! (In fact, every Bufftech vinyl painting cancels a written guarantee). Bufftech has a high flash point of 900 ° F and is not flammable. Therefore it is categorized as “self-suppression”. These vinyl products have a smooth surface without nails, sharp edges or opportunities for debris. You, your children, pets and animals are all safer. Vinyl has a hard surface, has almost no moisture and has no taste – therefore, horses tend not to “tidy up” or chew Bufftech vinyl fences.

Long Life and Almost Maintenance Free

Bufftech is one of the pioneers of the early vinyl fence business. The Bufftech process is similar to that which has been used to produce vinyl walls. In addition, Bufftech conducts a rapid weathering test that has produced very good results. This vinyl fence makes you not have a repair bill and no ongoing maintenance, only a lifetime guarantee.


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